Assignment: Blog Post #3

The True Flavor

Pagkaing Kalye or Street foods is very popular among every countries. People are fond of eating it because it’s inexpensive yet it has exotic taste that makes you want to eat more. So to be more specific, Streetfoods in the Philippines including Isaw, Atay, Kalamares, Kwek-Kwek, Fishball, etc. (most of the food that is being sold using a cart is considered Streetfoods) Those food is one of the Philippines’ pride because it actually tastes good. But the main point here, the fact that it’s being sold in the streets, it means that it may be too exposed to the public, to the environment, to the pollution, but it depends on the vendor if it’s being sold in the place where there’s a lot of vehicles, or if they are practicing a good sanitation of their product before they present it to the public. After all, our health is more important regardless of how we want to eat Streetfoods. We should all be aware of the eat we are going to put inside our stomach because it could result to a more complicated situation. But aside from that, not all Streetfoods could cause you diseases, it is more on the utensils and surroundings that affects the food you eat.

So in order to answer that, I have conducted a simple interview to people or some students that’s eating Streetfoods:

Do you think that the Streetfoods you are eating is sanitized or clean?

“Slight. it depends on how they’re cooking it.”

“In my opinion, not all of the Streetfoods that is being sold in the streets are clean, but not all are dirty.”

“No. But I’d still love to eat it.”

“I don’t know.”

“It depends on the surroundings if the place is clean or not.”

What are the things that you’ve encountered or you noticed that makes you think that it’s dirty (unclean)?

“Their sauce.”

“I think it’s on their sauce because there are a lot of people eating Streetfoods and some of them keeps on dipping in the sauce so there’s a tendency that their saliva might get through the sauce.”

“Sauce. The oil their using.”

“Their oil. Sometimes their oil looks like being used for a month. Kidding.”

What are your reccommendations for the vendors to make their Streetfoods more presentable to the people and your advice on them, prioritizing sanitation of selling their goods?

“They should have permit. And they should be the one to start prioritizing personal hygiene and cleanliness.”

“Of course they should prioritize the cleanliness and it should start from the vendor. He should present himself more presentable to the people, in terms of what he is wearing. And also, the utensils should also be organized and cleaned from time to time. So more customers will trust him and the food he is selling.”

“He should maintain the proper way of cleaning his goods and utensils everyday. Or two times a day. Including the sauce and the oil.”

“Maybe they just have to maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings, and they should also cover the Streetfoods they are selling to prevent the insects from coming to their goods.”

Most consumers are also aware of this issue, of the cleanliness of the Streetfoods, but we can clearly notice that even if they are aware, Filipinos are really fond of eating Streetfoods. It has been part of their system that they’d love to it Streetfoods, simply because they love it.

In additional to the interview of the students, we also need a professional when it comes to this issue. I had an interview with Engr. Bryan L. Baltazar regarding the rules that should be applied if you’re selling Streetfoods.

He started with giving a tip, “First and foremost, bigyan ko na kayo ng tip ah, especially sa food handle, ipinagbabawal namin yung may hikaw na mga lalaki.”

What can you say about the foods that was being sold in the streets? “Masarap, diba? Lalo na mga Pilipino mahilig sa mura at masarap na pagkain. Yun nga lang ‘di natin masasabi kung malinis o madumi.”

As a sanitation worker, what can you say about the hygiene of the vendors when selling their goods? “Actually, isa sa nire-require din namin yan no, pag may nag-apply samin dito, pinagco-conduct namin ng seminar yan, during seminar na ‘yon ang unang advice ko pa lang dapat bagong paligo ang mga worker, pinaka-must yan kasi syempre pag bagong ligo ka, malilinis hygiene mo. Pag malinis ka, male-lessen yung chance na makapagcontaminate ka between ikaw at sa food na hawak mo, at pag kinain na ng consumer mo. Unang-una sa legality, pinagbabawal natin yung mga nasa kalye, ambulant vendors, bawal talaga yan, nirereport namin sa MPD yan, obstruction yan. Pangalawa, humanitarian reason, syempre maaawa ka rin naman sa mga yan, kaya sinasabihan sila na unang-una kung magtitinda ka dapat panatilihin mo ang kalinisan nyan pero minsan dahil Pilipino matigas ulo, supposedly dapat nakacover ang mga pagkain kasi alam nyo mahangin isa reason ng contaminate ng dirt yan. Pangatlo, dapat maligo sila, malinis ang kamay nila, pinapakuha namin ng health certificate yan, pag kumuha ka nyan may seminar talaga yan. Sa seminar na yun makikita nyo yung mga Do’s and Don’t’s sa food handling.”

Engr. Baltazar believe that it should always start from the source so the consumer won’t be affected by the contamination of dirt. Preparation of foods and goods you’re about to sell is always part of the system, just because you’re selling on the streets doesn’t give you the exception to practice your hygiene. When in fact, Streetfoods and the vendor itself are the ones that is more expected to have a neat surroundings because they are only selling outside it means it is easy for those to be contaminated with dirt, than with those selling inside a botique or any place that is covered.

“Actually, etong sanitation na ‘to parang pambahay lang sya. Tanungin nyo mga nanay nyo, pano ba yung ganito ganyan.” Engr. Baltazar also added.

Is there any pre-cautions that you can say about the street vendors? “So when we say pre-cautions kasama na dito yung dapat laging malinis yung tindahan mo, pag sinabing malinis dapat lagi kang may basurahan dyan. Yung basurahan mo hindi nakatiwangwang dyan, kailangan tightly sealed yan. Bakit? kasi nakakaattract ka ng mga langaw, ng mga ipis, syempre pag inabot na yan aabot sa pagkain mo yan, iniiwas din natin yan no. Yun nga ulit, dapat lagi silang bagong paligo, then hangga’t maaari kumuha sila ng health certificate.”

Why do you think Filipinos are fond of eating Streetfoods? “Bakit nga ba? Unang-una, masarap. Pangalawa, mura. Ang laban naman ng mga establishment na malalaki don, sila naman yung naka-proper, may sanitary permit yan, tska hindi sila basta-basta hinuhuli ng pulis.”

Streetfoods are being sold even in some polluted are. What common diseases can we get to eating Streetfoods? “Pagtatae. Minsan iniinuman na natin ng kahit anong gamot, pero commonly dapat sa ospital, magpapacheck-up ka muna. Then pangalawa, may hepatitis na tayong makukuha dyan. Minsan di natin alam yung street vendor may TB nahawa ka. Kaya kailangan natin ng medical, ano yung medical na yon? yun yung inaalam kung may alaga sila sa tyan nila. Actually ‘di lang sa streetfoods ‘to ah kahit saang establishment nire-require ‘to. May dinagdag tayo drug test, kasi ‘di natin alam na yung nagtitinda satin, mamaya high na high na pala yun.”

What can you say about the safety of the people who buy Streetfoods? “Kung hindi kayo sigurado sa nakikita nyo, bumili kayo dun sa establishment na na-establish talaga. Dahil gayunpaman for humanitarian reason, ‘di naman natin pwedeng itaboy sila yung mga nagtitinda na yan minsan yan lang ang pinangbubuhay nila sa pamilya nila. Pag sumusobra na sila nirereport namin yan, then nagcoconduct din kami ng seminars sa food handling nila. Sabi ko lang dito sa Manila ‘di tayo magkakaproblema dyan dahil pinangangalagaan talaga natin ang health nila dito sa Sanitation sa Manila Health Department. Sabi nga natin Prevention is better than Cure. Rock and Roll.”

Furthermore, Global Food Safety Resource stated that studies have shown that an appreciable percentage of foodborne illness cases can be attributed to poor sanitation and food hygiene, including poor personal hygiene and contamination of equipment or environments. With that we should learn to be critical in deciding what we’re going to eat. Eating is one of the source of our happiness but it should not affect our health. Enjoy Streetfoods but educate the vendor the Do’s and Don’t’s and their personal hygiene. After all, their surroundings might affect their income. But if they have a clean and presentable place, more customers might be interested of what they are selling.

The flavor of food we should look for is the beyond it’s appearance. But what’s keeping us safe. What won’t affect our health. In the end, health is more important than our cravings.

The true flavor of food is not based on it’s price. Streetfoods are a proof.


Assignment: Blog Post #2

Changes Ahead

Barangay 552 is not perfect but a healthy community. You can clearly notice the changes that’s happening on the surroundings, starting from the facilities, not just on Barangay Hall but also to the streets, from the cleanliness, streetlights, street signs, gates of each streets, to a lot of things that has changed for the betterment of every residents. With the guidance of a leader, Chairman Edwin Cunanan and the cooperation of other Barangay officials.

Last year, Barangay officials priority was to replace the streetlights that are not fully functioning maybe because it has been used for a very long time, the lights are not that bright for the residents to walk on, so the Barangay officials already added at least seven streetlight posts, and that was for the year 2016. But since we are now on the era where the technology is innovated, they use LED lights to change the older ones. Streetlight Posts Project is still on-going and now they’ve already manage to replace and construct 25 posts with LED lights.

“‘Yan ang project ng barangay na inayos na para maging maliwanag at kung mapapansin nyo hindi lang yung streetlights, pati yung streets sign, may ilaw.”

Basically, the lights and clearness of the streets was actually their priority, the people’s safety is important and Chairman Cunanan is aware that people will only feel safe if the streets are bright, since there are people that is still going home from work even when it’s already midnight. There is a schedule for the operation of streetlights and it is from 6 pm in the evening until 5 am in the morning.

CCTVs for every Barangay is very essential, especially nowadays because of how the issues hoarding around our country, most people don’t feel safe. CCTVs are a way for the officials to manage what’s happening around their vicinity, to see who are those people vandalizing, destroying the street facilities including street signs, those who litter or don’t throw away garbage on a proper trashbin, especially to those who commit crimes. If there’s one CCTV that’s not functioning well or has a defect, they replace it as soon as possible. CCTV Project is still on-going, because as of now, our barangay have 12 CCTVs, four will be added.

In the case of cleanliness, Barangay 552 has no problem with that. It’s just that selected streets still don’t follow rules and don’t practice discipline. They can decrease the case of littering in our country starting from small places like every streets of Barangay. By placing garbage cans in corners of every street and making the garbage cans bigger. Because as we can see, we produce garbage faster than disposing it so we need bigger garbage cans so we can collect more garbage than before. They can also engage people to throw trash in bins by installing miniature basketball rings in every bin so they’ll be fond of throwing their thrash.

Regarding the Tanod Patrols, according to Chairman Cunanan, Barangay 552 have 17 Tanod and they have their own schedule whether they are morning or night shift, also midnight. Those 17 tanod don’t patrol simultaneously they are shifting everyday regarding on their schedule. Being a tanod, it is also their job to close the gates of each streets when it’s already 12 am in the midnight and open it every 5 am in the morning.

When it comes to the health of the residents, they are not responsible for surveying the common diseases occurring in a community, that duty is given for the health centers. But the residents are welcome to ask for help to the Barangay officials so they’ll be easily accommodated by the health centers, especially if they have illnesses that need to be treated as soon as possible. Regarding on medical missions, they do it once a year with the guidance and help of Dr. Chua.

“Katulong natin dyan si Dr. Chua, may medical mission tayo sa pangkalahatan, mapa-matanda, mapa-bata, nagbibigay sila ng mga gamot, mga vitamins. o yung ibang mga sakit na hindi naman ganun kalalim, chinecheck-up sila.”

Assignment: Blog Post

Senator JV Ejercito on Universal Health Bill and Youth Investment
Ejercito stated on his ambush interview that he would want to have at least one or two hearings in Visayas and Mindanao, since there are people concern about their facilities and they noticed that their services need improvement.

The intention was to enhance and improve the health care for all with no balance billing, and especially, improving of health facilities. President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned about Universal Health Care in the SONA, the reason why they did an early hearing.

P2,400 to P3,600 increase of Premium was proposed by PhilHealth until 2019 for the Visayan and Minadanaoan be able to improve their facilities and services, and at the same time, Health Care for All is still on-going for the families that is below the average on the said region.

According to Ejercito, almost all of the proposal was approved. Some hospital associations have reservations on some provisions. The Senate will still be conducting hearings to resolve all of the problems. “Ang importante naman dito ay yung improvement of health facilities. Sa aking dalawang buwan na pagiging chairman of the committee on health, I  was able to visit some of the facilities. Medyo nakakalungkot eh, there are hospitals na parang normal 200 to 300 occupancy. I’m hoping that with the passage of the Universal Health Care Program and improvement of the budget, I don’t want to see anymore 200 to 300 percent occupancy. Nakakalungkot, patients in the corridors, patients na nasa mga gymnasium na improvised wards. So hopefully, with the passage of this measure, we can also improve on the health facilities as well.”

Department of Health’s budget to improve hospital facilities to lessen the overcrowding is P228-billion, P46-billion a year for the next five years. This year, DOH’s budget turned into P29-billion probably because of the absortive capacity. Ejercito stated that they’ll talk about that in the next budget season. PhilHealth’s coverage status before was 91 percent, but for this year 2017, PhilHealth said they reached 100 percent.

Taking off from the SONA, from the President’s pronouncement that he wants the universal health program passed. Ejercito stated that they will work on that to improve not only the coverage, but the benefits as well, mostly, for those cases that costs a lot.

Senator Ejercito was also asked about the tertiary education that was from Budget Secretary Diokno, “Well, I think yung P100-billion na sinasabi ni Secretary Diokno that includes already the budget for SUC’s and P28-billion that is needed for the free tuition. But, ako kasi, I’m one of the principal author of the Free Higher Education Act. I would rather spend P100-billion for education than we are spending P77-billion for the conditional cash transfer, 4Ps. I would rather invest in our youth, especially in education na sa tingin ko mas may malaking sansa magkaroon ka ng graduate sa bawat pamilya.”

Senator Ejercito’s hoping that the finance people of administration would reconsider their stand or their position. Hoping that their decision would be good for all because this is an investment, for the families to have a better life.

Secretary Diokno’s implication that there is a little percentage of youth that reached tertiary education, at least 12 percent only. Ejercito answered him, “Well kung maliit man yung porsyento na umaabot sa tertiary education, might as well na yung maliit na porsyentong yun, siguraduhin natin makagraduate. Kasi kapag nakagraduate sila, they will have a bigger chance of getting a better job, yun yung makakaangat ng antas ng buhay, hindi yung dole out.”

Ejercito stated that him and Diokno doesn’t have the same advocacy, so he doesn’t reallt understand Diokno. Senator will fight for the Higher Free Education Act for it has a very good intention, might as well spend it on them because that will affect their whole life.


I know some people who is good with insulting someone’s physical appearance because of acne, pimple marks, few scratches, etc. but can’t even look at their own mirrors to realize they also have their own imperpections. I can list them down.

I know some people who can’t practice what they preach. The type of person who doesn’t share the duty of being as a group, but eager to make “rules” that themselves can’t even follow. I can list them down.

I know some people who makes it a hobby of making fun of someone, making them pissed and upset, and when you fight for yourself, you are not a good sport, you can’t handle your anger, you are kill joy, you’re not supposed to be around them. Cool. I can list them down.

I know some people who are a big cheater of exams and quizzes, yet they are also the ones who most likely top the class. The type of person to brag his achievements but silent enough to tell his little secret. I can list them down.

Not Okay

Why people think it is okay to bully their own friend?

If someone is not comfortable of you making fun of her, in my point of view, that’s bullying. SO YOU STOP. it doesn’t matter if she’s your friend. it doesn’t matter if you think she’s being ‘KJ’—’KILL JOY’ because as a friend, you are not supposed to make fun of her mistakes and failures, but you’re a friend. you cheer her up. I’m not saying it is your duty to cheer her or to be someone she can always lean on. but it is definitely not you being her friend gives you the authority to bully her. that’s a whole new level of stupidity. 

Nowadays, people don’t care how people will feel if they say such things to someone, they don’t care how it can affect her. And if you’re being bullied by your peers, you don’t let those words take over. Be true to yourself and tell them you don’t like how they treat you, and if they left and chose to ignore you, then let them. Life is so short to be with a circle of group who doesn’t know how to respect others. Friends don’t make you feel uncomfortable. Friends are someone you can laugh with, not someone who’ll laugh at you.

Ano pa bang Pwede kong Isulat?

ang tagal kong nawala pero ang dami kong drafts na naiwan. dumaan na birthday ko, naka-50 hours na ako sa isang ojt ko, nagtatry na rin ako ng bagong journal, pero naiisip ko talaga ano pa bang pwede kong isulat? minsan aabot sa time na nalulungkot ako kasi nawawalan na ata ako ng idea, pero babalik pa rin ako at babalik kasi nga gusto ko pala nito, gusto ko dito, gusto ko talaga ‘to, gusto ko talaga magsulat. pero syempre kulang pa knowledge ni ati girl so nagbabasa talaga ako ng novels, kakatapos ko nga lang sa Anna Dressed in Blood, ayun bongga ratings ko kasi hilig ko talaga mga ganung genre. minsan kukuha ako ng ideas, “kung magbook reviews na lang kaya ako?”, onga naman, bakit hindi diba? marami-rami na rin akong nabasa, kaso sabi ko “hindi naman ako ganun karunong pa sa english”, so, ano nga bang point ko?

ano nga bang point ko?

isa akong mass comm student pero ‘di pa rin ako fluent sa english. hindrance? oo ata bes. kasi expected ata bongga na kami dun lalo pa’t 4th year na ako. nakakahiya ba? oo, nahihiya ako. nakakababa ba ng confidence? oo, sobra. sumabak ako sa interview na kinakabahan kasi english ba o ano? ano bang panlaban ko? super baba ng tingin ko sa sarili ko pero super thankful ako kasi nandyan friends ko. ako kasi si takot sa rejection. sino bang hindi? eh tanong ba naman samin ng prof namin dati, “how are you a mass comm student yet you can’t express yourself in english?” mga 100 times sa buong sem yun bes, so yun tumatak sakin. super natatakot ako sa future ko, pero sabi ko “magbabasa ako kasi makakatulong daw ‘to” at oo. dati ang tagal ko magbasa ng novel na english, pero ngayon 2-3 days na lang. pag may ‘di ako naiitindihan, webster agad nandyan. sa ngayon, masaya na ako dun kasi nakikita at napapansin ko na may improvement. so, ano nga bang point ko?

so.. ano nga bang point ko? 

nag-umpisa ako magsulat ng feature articles last year trying hard mag-english at palyado sa grammar, kasi super gusto ko magsulat. gustong-gusto ko magsulat. pero sabi ko “nahihirapan at nahihiya ako.” kaya dito ako naglalabas sa wordpress, malayo sa judgmental na mundo ng facebook, sa mga ilang kaklase ko na makajudge sa english eh akala mo perfect, walang masama magtry, okay? walang masama. kaya sana kung nagtatry yung isang tao, wag tawanan bagkus turuan, eh kaso nga, eto na tayo ngayon.. nakita ko mga poems and thoughts nyo na super natutuwa ako kasi may tagalog, like “omg pwede pala?” mga ganung moments. kaya simula nun nagtry na rin ako. nagtry at magtatry pa. super ine-encourage ko yung iba na nahihiya at natatakot magtry kahit gusto nila.  

gaya nga ng tanong ko, ano pa bang pwede kong isulat?

Marami pa akong pwedeng isulat, mga tula, novela na maaaring maging teleserye o isang pelikula, encouraging blogs and thoughts, marami. sobrang dami. etong simpleng naiisip kong ‘to, naisusulat ko rin ‘to, lahat ng bagay na naiisip mo at gusto mo ay maaari mong isulat. hindi basehan ang lenggwahe, nasan ka ba? at least handa kang matuto diba? sa susunod, galingan mo na.

One little tip, READ.

Shape of You

I’ve also experienced being called by nicknames such as “taba”, “baboy” (pig) when I was younger because I’m voluptuous or chubby. Experienced being rejected by peers, of course no one wants to be an outcast, yet, we belong in a society where we are judged by our appearance, how we look, how we talk, how we dress, our size and shape, et al.

I have read “The Princess Saves Herself in this One” by Amanda Lovelace, and I’d rate it 6/5. It is such wonderful book with thoughts and poems which you can also relate yourself with. I want to share what are my favorite piece from the book.

Society is what it is. It is made of different people with different beliefs, culture, different perspectives, but they are not the one who will tell you to stop, they are not to label you where you should be. We are made to flaunt ourselves whatever our size is. Always believe that being voluptuous or fat is not a reason for you to see yourself as an outcast because whether you are fit or not, let’s accept that this is our society now, whatever you do, how you look, they will say what they want to say even if it can hurt ones feelings. You should start believing in yourself because at the end of the day you is all you have. don’t be affected of what they say. don’t give them the satisfaction every time they see that you’re hurting, because what they say won’t matter in the end.

Let’s end body shaming! Go out and sashay!