No Limit Gon’ Touch the Sky

If you feel like you’re not worthy of someone’s attention. If you feel useless, and can’t find reasons to believe in yourself. I have something for you.

I wrote this last semester as our final paper. And I’d like to share it with you 🌸 —title from Climax by iKon

ps. sorry for my grammar ✌


I have been blaming myself from the vast majority of my life because I didn’t pursue most of the things that I wanted to do.

Lack of confidence, being a hindrance for me to achieve the goals I have for myself.

The feeling of knowing what you want to do but you’re terrified to start, because you’re afraid of rejections and failures, and because of that, it does not only LIMITS your capability to do and pursue more in your life, but also the prospect of succeeding and achieving your goals.

So, together, I would like all of us to have confidence by sharing some tips and learnings from my idols and professors—namely Kwon Jiyong, Mr. Michael Caber, etc.—that I think is applicable for us.

“Free yourself from insecurities.”—Lee Chaerin says

And free yourself from comparing yourself, of what you can do, your capabilities to what others can. Because believe me, you have something that they don’t have. You have an edge you just have to appreciate it. Focus to enhance that edge. I would like to talk about the insecurities about visual appearance. No one can say how someone is pretty or handsome. It is something that is immeasurable because God made us the way He wants us to be, and I think that is enough reason to believe that you’re beautiful, Gods masterpiece. Being beautiful is not only what you see outside, but also what’s within you—your attitude towards others and on how you handle situations. Who says being “ugly” is a threat for you to achieve your goals? It’s all in your abilities and talents. Companies need someone who is hardworking, who has the ability to do his job well, and he who works with passion.

Look for someone to be your role model and copy them. I bet we all have an idol that we admire. Find someone who is already        confident and successful in the field you want to enter. Model of their values and attitudes towards life. You can be confident just like them by talking to them, much better if you have a face-to-face interaction with them. Work until you become the better version of yourself, the 2.0 version your yourself who is braver, wiser, and stronger, so you can be proud of yourself because you have overcome your fears, plus you gain confidence. Always remember, Work.

As G-Dragon says, “Work until your idols become your rivals.” 


Get a piece of paper and a pen. Do a SWOT Analysis of yourself. I have acquired this tip from my professor, Mr. Richard Feliciano. Know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By doing this, you focus more on yourself. Don’t think of anyone or someone to compare to you. Think of everything you can do for yourself and what you can add for a company, or an organization, even your school. And that is considered your strengths and opportunities. Write everything even if it’s something that everyone can do, or it has a small movement, it doesn’t really matter. Snails do small movements, yet they have reached their destinations. Write your weaknesses. Accept your mistakes and failures, don’t let it overpower you, and learn from it. Don’t let that failure be the barrier to your destination. We all have a place called “room for improvement,” enter there, and don’t leave until you succeed, but still be humble, because it is considered a tool for you to stay longer on wherever you are. Being successful isn’t a ticket for you to be boastful and feeling superior towards others, but use it to inspire and help others. You don’t use this to insult someone who is lower than your position. If there’s a good karma, I bet there’s also bad. You choose.

Quoting my professor, Mr. Michael Caber, “Maybe you’re smarter but not that wiser.”


Always remember that believing in yourself and having confidence is important, especially when we are outside our comfort zone and we need to fight, because it is always a competition. Some will always ask, “Who did it better?”, and if you are rejected, always find a reason to get up and try again.

Having confidence is very useful in your everyday life, but don’t let it overpower you. Being confident is NOT A VALID REASON for you to be pejorative towards others.



Don’t Limit Yourself, and Touch the Sky.


photo from Weheartit


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