to his future girl friend

if you ever win his heart, please always remember that he is short-tempered, and get annoyed too easily at small things. he likes to play games so don’t nag at him and please support him. he doesn’t talk too much, please don’t get bored with him but tell him how’s your day. he’s a bit of bossy but it’s for your own sake so please understand him. he jokes at unexpected time but tell him that it’s too funny that you forgot to laugh. he likes having his freedom but he knows his limitation, he will never cheat on you. he might not text or reply to you instantly but he’s not talking to other girls, he’s just watching movie or some videos at YouTube. he likes sleeping so don’t let him sleep late. he doesn’t eat much but please make him eat more. he might get sick, please cook for him, noodles or soup something that will make him feel better, get him a warm water and make him drink his vitamins.

he never likes someone, but when he does, it’s not me and will never be me. please take care of him.

rms / to his future first girl friend 


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