Owned: ICT and its Meaning

1. In your own understanding, how will you define:
a. Information 

b. Communication 

c. Technology

2. How the three (Information, Communication, Technology) are inter-related?

3. Why the transition to Knowledge Society is important? What do you think are the disadvantages?


1. A. Information is a knowledge or an idea that you share to others by answering a question, or just simply stating a fact. information means to inform, whether it is your own opinion or perception about a certain topic, it can be also called an information. It can be used as a counterattack to someone if you’re in a debate or you disregard what he has said, if you believe that you have a better explanation into something. But of course it will always be the best if that ‘information’ you are about to say is factual and in a formal way.

B. Communication happens when two or more people interact with each other. whether they are exchanging ‘information’,  or simply saying ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ conversations, or even body language as long as it has a message, and it can be understand by the receiver. even if it is a reaction, expressing your ideas, opinion and etc. as long as there is a speaker and a receiver, it can be called as an example of communication.

C. Technology is a way of solving practical problems with the use of different processes, devices, and science. concrete examples of technology are computers, cellphones, laptop, machines, or even a robot that is invented that can help people from the community solve a problem.

2. Information, Communication, and Technology are inter-related because one can’t function without the help of one. example, you have technology but you don’t have a data or information that will answer the peoples’ problem, your device or technology isn’t dependable. If you have an information, you can share it to people which is now can be called as ‘communication’ and with the use of devices and technology, you can even spread it to larger number of people in just a blink of your eye. That’s how they work and that’s why technology can be considered powerful. Just like nowadays, millennials can post  everything they want whether they are sharing informative stuffs or just expressing how they feel, and if that post reach the people, it is now a communication especially if that someone replied to her, and that is a feedback.

3. It is effective to have a Knowledge Society because people will be very observant about how a certain topic or news is made or produce. they will be aware of what’s happening around the world or even in their society only. I believe knowledge is a important thing to have, that’s why education is first. Because it can also be their way to achieve their goals. and if everybody is smart enough to depend on their selves, it can also affect their society, which is a good thing. According to what I have read on the internet, society will be full of scholars, engineers, and professional people. but it has disadvantages, people might be intimidated, and they might fight because we can say that not all people have the same perspective in every issue, some might fight for they want this, and some want that. Also, not everyone is interested in learning, not everyone is capable of putting different knowledge to their minds, which can cause a delay and problem to all.


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