Not Okay

Why people think it is okay to bully their own friend?

If someone is not comfortable of you making fun of her, in my point of view, that’s bullying. SO YOU STOP. it doesn’t matter if she’s your friend. it doesn’t matter if you think she’s being ‘KJ’—’KILL JOY’ because as a friend, you are not supposed to make fun of her mistakes and failures, but you’re a friend. you cheer her up. I’m not saying it is your duty to cheer her or to be someone she can always lean on. but it is definitely not you being her friend gives you the authority to bully her. that’s a whole new level of stupidity. 

Nowadays, people don’t care how people will feel if they say such things to someone, they don’t care how it can affect her. And if you’re being bullied by your peers, you don’t let those words take over. Be true to yourself and tell them you don’t like how they treat you, and if they left and chose to ignore you, then let them. Life is so short to be with a circle of group who doesn’t know how to respect others. Friends don’t make you feel uncomfortable. Friends are someone you can laugh with, not someone who’ll laugh at you.


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