Assignment: Blog Post #3

The True Flavor Pagkaing Kalye or Street foods is very popular among every countries. People are fond of eating it because it’s inexpensive yet it has exotic taste that makes you want to eat more. So to be more specific, Streetfoods in the Philippines including Isaw, Atay, Kalamares, Kwek-Kwek, Fishball, etc. (most of the food […]

Assignment: Blog Post #2

Changes Ahead Barangay 552 is not perfect but a healthy community. You can clearly notice the changes that’s happening on the surroundings, starting from the facilities, not just on Barangay Hall but also to the streets, from the cleanliness, streetlights, street signs, gates of each streets, to a lot of things that has changed for […]

Assignment: Blog Post

Senator JV Ejercito on Universal Health Bill and Youth Investment Ejercito stated on his ambush interview that he would want to have at least one or two hearings in Visayas and Mindanao, since there are people concern about their facilities and they noticed that their services need improvement. The intention was to enhance and improve […]

Not Okay

Why people think it is okay to bully their own friend? If someone is not comfortable of you making fun of her, in my point of view, that’s bullying. SO YOU STOP. it doesn’t matter if she’s your friend. it doesn’t matter if you think she’s being ‘KJ’β€”’KILL JOY’ because as a friend, you are not supposed […]

Shape of You

I’ve also experienced being called by nicknames such as “taba”, “baboy” (pig) when I was younger because I’m voluptuous or chubby. Experienced being rejected by peers, of course no one wants to be an outcast, yet, we belong in a society where we are judged by our appearance, how we look, how we talk, how […]