HamsTECH: How these stuff works?


Vast majority of the people especially teenagers nowadays are addicted to the new technologies such as iPhones, tablet, laptop, computers. Almost every month new brand or version of cellphones are released but we should know that it is also important to know the limitations of using those devices.

Every device has its own use to our environment, to our lifestyle, to governance, work style, and for us being an individual.

We are assigned to visit any publishing company or station and look for some devices that looked unfamiliar or fresh to our eyes. And we went to Kumon Philippines Incorporated.




This is used as a recorder at their company.
This device is essential when it comes to interviews, to make sure that you have recorded all the important details so you can hear it again for how many times you may need it.
It is an advantage that every interviewer should have this because some people being interviewed talks fast that you forgot to take note of every detail.  
And with this device it will be possible to have a tape recorded or a copy of the interview.
A pen and a paper is acceptable but there are instances that we may not be able to write everything, so it is preferred to use a recorder to record all of your thoughts, ideas, meetings, interviews, and responses.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

This device is called Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) that serves as the back-up power supply of any devices when the main power fails.
There are chances that they experience brownouts or an emergency came, so this will help them keep their work on-going because they still have a UPS that will supply the power for their needed device.
But this device allows any computer or device to run for a short time only, and also provides protection from power surges.
UPS is the only way of ensuring a high quality of electrical supply.



Polycom is a device that is essential when it comes to video conference.
It enhances the video quality turning the video conference into high-definition, to let the members or people in the conference understand the person on the other line better.
This device helps and enables other people to have a meeting or a conversation in different places. Because it will help them lessen the travel time and cost just to go to places, but we all know that face-to-face communication is more formal than video conference but this might be an alternative for meetings.


We are all very aware of how technology changes so rapidly, in just a month a lot of brand new cellphones, tablets, laptops, android may release, but should be aware of our limitations because all of your decisions comes a consequences. 



  • Be careful of what you posts.
  • “Only accept friend requests from people you know.”
  • Be aware of your actions, what you share, like, or comment.
  • Not everything you do or you feel should be posted on social networking sites.
  • Be careful of hoax and hacking sites.
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone.
  • Make sure your computer or laptop has an anti-virus software.
  • Just ignore non-sense messages and e-mails from unknown person, then delete it.

Think before you click.


travelling to Mars

we’re here, where insults are continually received than compliments. where weaknesses and bad traits are noticed, strengths and good traits are ignored. where journalists that are supposed to be fair and balanced are biased. where respect should be earned and not be given. where you are judged by how you dress, your gender, and your mistakes are your nickname/s.

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Talk Positive




ICT has a big impact in our society, government, lifestyle, work style, and being an individual. there may be negative or positive impact and I prefer to discuss the positive ones. the information is easily disseminated through the use of e-mails, video conference, mobile phones, and social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, et al.

e-mail is commonly used nowadays because of its features, it is used by professionals to send formal messages or proposals. messages are easily shared and sent to your respective receivers, and those messages will stay at the users inbox till the user is ready to read them. video conference is useful especially when it comes to meeting with other people in different places and have a conversation with them. one of its advantage is it helps us keep in touch with the people far from us, receiving calls and messages from different countries. the one who really benefits from it is the overseas Filipino workers, helping them to still be attached with their family and loved-ones, making them feel like they never left home. mobile phones also allows people to send messages and calls and receive in return, in this way they can be easily contacted, especially when an there’s an urgent meeting or emergency calls from your home.

I believe that information communication technology is useful yet can also have its disadvantages, so we better use it in a more appropriate way and also think before you click.


ICT: The Good and Bad

Information, Communication, and Technology can be really useful but also has its disadvantages, and with this part, let’s figure out the common good and bad of ICT in different aspects of life.
1. Individual and Lifestyle

The Good
technology can be very useful in your own way, you just have to use it in right way. as we all know, technology can be used in business because you can easily advertise it with the use of social networking sites or social networking sites. ICT can also be used by searching, what I mean is searching the healthy lifestyle we want to have. we can easily see it through the internet roaming around the different advises from different people and sometimes those people who really have information and data about that certain thing.

The Bad
ICT, the term technology is very powerful, we should think before we click, before we publish an opinion because it might cause a misunderstanding towards other people. Also, I want to point out the parasites, phishing sites, hackers, and a lot of hoax from the internet, that’s why we need to be aware and don’t be gullible.

2. Society

The Good
technology might be useful in a way that the society is more generated and modern, the technology is a big help for us to be more educated in a good way. use the technology by educating ourselves, by sharing different opinions and learnings, because nowadays a lot of teenagers or younger than 16 are using technology, so th older ones can help them to be fully aware.

The Bad
some published opinions are being a bit harsh, and its kinda off at some point because we don’t know what are they going through. let’s be honest that most people nowadays don’t think twice before they said a thing, some are being bullied virtually that may cause them to engage in suicidal behaviours, that could be worst.

3. Work

The Good
workers lessen their time being at work because different devices are now being build, example of it is the video conference where they can have a conversation or meeting with other people at different locations but without leaving their office, that could be possible with the use of modern technology and devices such as microphones, speakers, a wireless connection, a monitor, and a video camera.

The Bad
some say that this can cause the workers to not taking their works seriously because they thought everything is going very easily in just a click. some workers using their phones while at work, some using their Facebook’s and other social networking sites rather than actually doing the work.

4. Governance

The Good
it lessen the time that we need to spend, the time travelling or waiting in line but since we are already high-tech, they already have online submission where they will assist you online and do their job, you don’t need to walk and wait in line, you just have to send them an e-mail or message them and they will do and file your needs.

The Bad
hackers may have a way to get the data’s from an online server which is a bad thing because there are a lot of confidential details at a government sites and the people in the community might be affected. also, some online media sites are not active, some don’t even read or check the messages you sent and some of their response are late.